About IMC-YY

IMC Shipyard(Zhoushan) Co., Ltd is a ship repair and engineering enterprise invested by IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group.


IMCZY (Long 122°16′22″E Lat 29°56′33″ N) is located at Zhoushan, near to Shanghai Yangshan Port, within 2 days sailing from Japan or Korea. IMCZY is the most convenient repair station in the far-east region.  


IMCZY occupies an area of 500,000 sq. meters and 1900 meters of coastline. Here, it enjoys a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 16℃ and an average annual rainfall of 1100mm. The weather condition is ideal for ship-repairing and engineering works.


IMCZY was built in Jul. 2003, and put in production in Jan. 2006. And in order to promote the shipyard’s marine service, IMCZY sets up joint ventures and service centers with some well-known companies.


Equipped with comprehensive facilities and skilled workforce, IMCZY offers a comprehensive range of services with leading technologies and equipment to ship repair and maintenance to clients from all over the world. In 2017, IMCZY took the lead in implementing UHP process in the pretreatment of ship hull surface systematically in China's ship repair industry. Up to now, IMC Shipyard has established long-term cooperations with clients from over 20 countries and regions.


In the future development process, IMC Shipyard will not only commit to contribute to the development of the technology and equipment in the industry, but also commit to make important strides in assuming social responsibility for the sustainable development of environmental protection and enterprise itself.