HSSE Management


• The cognition of safety production management: It’s the management of human life chain, the management of private and social property. We must always bear in mind the legal responsibility for safety production at the workplace, from the perspective of human nature and morality.

• Safety production laws, regulations, standards and management requirements issued by governments at all levels are the 'motto' of enterprise safety management and play the significant roles in the guidance, promotion and supervision of safety production.

• The continuous evolution of enterprise DNA is the foundation to shoulder the safety production entity responsibility.  

• Ensuring safety production is the absolute requirement to obtain maximum benefits for all interested parties.

• The investment for safety production is the most direct, lasting investment and has the highest return in all kinds of enterprise investments.

• Fulfill entity responsibility of safety production and establish the relationship among guarantee systems of safety production according to the law.

• The inevitable relation between upgrade enterprise safety management, labor protection supplies and employees’ income levels and the reduction in accident rates.

• The necessity of integrating guarantee system of enterprise safety production management with international management standards.

• The inevitable relationship between technology innovation and reducing the rate of safety accidents.

• Carry out mental practice, be a manager with safety awareness and behavior and be an employee with safety awareness and behavior, establishing a happy enterprise and ensuring long-term stability of enterprise.


The continuation of occupational health and life chain

New Technology

Advanced Equipment

Strict Management

Eliminate or mitigate hazards at the source.

Make efforts to create a safe and healthy working environment for employees.

Good Protective product

Make efforts to protect the safety of employees’ lives and health from threats 

Deep Exploration

Try to eliminate unsafe factors from the source of human behavior consciousness.

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