IMCZY Reaches New Height For PCTC Specialized Repairs


It is a rare and grand view of 6 PCTC vessels under repair at the same time in a shipyard, and this actually happened in January 2013 in Zhoushan IMCZY Shipyard. With the rich experience for repairing PCTC vessels, IMCZY innovates and improves its repair and mentainance services continuously according to the requirements of worldwide first-class PCTC owners and managers, and consequently developed Specialized Repair Direction For PCTC. By setting standard for all-round aspects of repairing and mentaining PCTC, the Direction is to satisfy the highly demanding cleanness, as well as PCTC specialised structures and machineries for loading/unloading and carring its cargos. Aiming at “World Best Specialized Repair Shipyard for PCTC”, IMCZY Shipyard is continuing to improve and render high-quality professional repair services to your PCTC.