2012 Annual Congress of Summaries and Commendations


2012 Annual Congress of Summaries and Commendations was held on January 31. In 2012 our employees made a more significant progress in management, through our work performance, our company is trying our best to shoulder social responsibility, in accordance with the idea and goals of "we practice the noema, we explore the future."

In 2012, IMCZY realized:

1. No major casualties;

2. No major engine damage accident;

3. No significant property damage accident;

4. No major environmental pollution accident;

5. Pass the DNV classification ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000 management system annual audit.

In 2012, IMCZY finished repairing 125 vessels and developed new customers of 21 companies, remaining profitable for seven consecutive years. The amount of repaired Ro-Ro reached 27, being the shipyard which repaired the most Ro-Ro vessels annually in China.

And proposed five effort directions in 2013 :

1. Work for our common ideals;

2. Work for staff life quality, work quality and happiness;

3. Work for Shareholder's return and contribute to society;

4. Work for exceeding customer expectations;

5. Work for follow the party unswervingly.