Technology-Oriented, Green Development


It has been rather busy in the dry docks of IMCZY since the beginning of 2018. As of May 18, it has successfully completed 60 ships after repairs.

Compared with the same period of last year, the output value increased by 15%, which means that our product structure is optimized, and the proportion of bulk carriers has declined sharply, while the proportion of LPG, VLGC, oil tank, chemical tanker, PCTC etc. are increasing.

The ultra-high pressure water jet technology has completely replaced the traditional blasting method, fulfilling tasks of dry docking multiple vessels continuously in a four-day docking period. Equipped with sufficient UPH water jet equipment and high efficiency performance covering the two docks ensuring the docking schedule of the two docks. And it also avoids the cross contamination of the traditional grit blasting method which eliminated the air dust. Through continuous accumulation and improvement, the rust removal efficiency and process standards have been approved by ship owners and paint suppliers, and the capability of rust removal in overall hull has also surpassed the traditional ones.

At present, IMCZY is developing and advancing the new painting technology and equipment that will effectively reduce the pollution of paint dust and spray loss and will be a major optimization to the traditional repair technology.