The Third Quarter Production Bulletin



Due to the high temperature and typhoons, the third quarter is a very challenging season for IMCZY, and also a busy and harvest season. In the third quarter, there were 50 ships entering into shipyard and 46 vessels were completed & sailed (including 12 floating repair vessels), which covers all types of ocean vessels. Among them, oil tankers accounted for 32% and Ro-Ro ships accounted for 25%. The shipyard is in a highly efficient state of operation.  

The installation of ballast water treatment system has become a more mature project. The relevant data of the installation of ballast water treatment system for various types of vessels and various WBTS manufactures have been fully accumulated, also Production preparation and on-site organization for WBTS installation are continuously optimized.

With good preparation, the first project of Scrubber Tower installation on VLCC in our yard are going on well, including GRE piping, cabling, etc. ,all as per plan. And the shipyard will summarize experience, and prepare for the scrubber tower installation in 2019.The workshop has been re-planned and upgraded, and the environmental protection concept of clean production has been thoroughly implemented. With the clear mark and all work pieces placed in order, the work efficiency is improved and good quality of repairs also guaranteed.

UHP water jetting operation and relevant management technology of IMCZY is becoming more and more mature and is improving day by day. The  hull surface preparation period in docking  could be precisely controlled according to theworkscope, also the total dry-dock period is shorter than traditional technology - grit blasting. The long-term unremitting efforts make good results, and fully proves that technological innovation, the operation mode, the technological process and the corresponding management mode innovation are all important breakthroughs in improving productivity in the future. IMCZY will always make great efforts on technological progress and innovation.