The Fourth Quarter Production Bulletin


In the fourth quarter of 2018, we have completed the first Sox Scrubber retrofitting project on VLCC in October, and the DD/Repairs of first livestock carrier MV. ANGUS EXPRESS in December. There were 43 ships arrived shipyard and 45 vessels were completed & sailed during the 4th Quarter. On average, there were 10 ships in the shipyard per day, and 14 vessels on peak day.The proportion of tankers and PCTC has reached 65%, which means the product structure has been optimized in Q4 of 2018.


In order to deal with the high-load and high-density production situation more effectively, we surely need is a change in the traditional production management system. Now the new production management system with the centers on logistics management is under construction and continue optimization. Meanwhile, with the progress of dry-dock intelligence & mechanization project, the substantial breakthrough already made in the production technology.


In 2018, our shipyard was obtained a good performance. In 2019, we will keep focus on technological progress, continue to promote the technological changes, to our continued successful.