The Sino-German-Austrian International Green Ship Repair Alliance was formally established

The world's first green ship repair cutting-edge professional alliance made a grand appearance at the 14th Dalian Maritime Exhibition. The brand new green ship-repair alliance is composed of Zhoushan IMCZY shipyard, Hammelmann and Reprotex. Technologies from China, Germany and Austria are closely integrated, with the goal of mechanized, intelligent, and environmentally friendly ship repair operation, providing the best solution for green ship repair and maintenance globally. Our unique packaged solutions support shipyards and ship owners in utilizing the power of water jetting to heavily reduce waste and labor in ship repair operation, providing a strong impetus for the continuous research and development of hull treatment, surface preparation and waste water recycling treatment.

As the researcher of CHIP for green ship-repair, the alliance could provide a customized version of the green ship repair system solution for shipyards. Our products can easily combine high-tech modules that perfectly adapt to individual green shipyard demands.