IMCZY Held the Exchange Salon on New Technology of Cargo Oil Tank Recoating with APC



On February 27th 2021, IMCZY carried out the exchange meeting on  technological innovation of cargo oil tank coating in the ship repair industry with APC technical experts, Mr. Liu Dan and Mr. Shi Yiqian. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions and exchanged their opinions on the surface treatment of the cargo oil tank and the paint application technical details of MARINELINE784 during the ship repair process.

Since the cooperation between IMCZY and APC in 2006, IMCZY has completed the COT coating works with MARINELINE784 for several chemical tankers. Recently, IMCZY used steel grit shot blasting to replace the traditional copper grit blasting in the COT coating technology for the cargo tanks of two petrochemical ships as the first time using in drydocking shipyard. 

IMCZY is the first shipyard in China to successfully use steel grit blasting in cargo oil tank coating operations in ship repair industry. Leading the use of UHP water jetting blasting to completely replace traditional copper grit blasting in the dock since 2017, IMCZY is going to lead another technological revolution, which is bound to be the future trend in the field of chemicals and product tanker COT coatings in the ship repair industry. 

In the process of this coating process transformation, IMCZY coating laboratory and technical department provide all-round technical support, and formulate new COT coating technology and new processes. In the aspect of practice, various departments continue to summarize experience, optimize operation processes, continue to improve the performance of COT coating equipment, the skill level of employees as well as the quality of vessel COT coating works. We always try our best to perfect the ship operations, create value for ship owners with achieving mutualism in cargo tank maintenance.