IMCZY Embarks On a New Journey of Product Optimization



2021 is a critical year for sustained high-quality development of IMCZY. With the advent of the post-scrubber era, the shipyard adjusted  business strategy and optimized resource allocation in order to adapts to the market changes. In the Q1 of 2021, then shipyard’s overall operations were stable, and smoothly transitioned to the regular ship dd/repairs.

In the Q1 of 2021, the shipyard has completed 38 vessels’ dd/repairs, and chemical/oil tankers are more than 50% among that.The COT coating project for two MR tankers were successfully completed in the Q1. One of the MR tanker applied MARINELINE coating for the total area around 28,000 M2 . All 20 cargo oil tanks and 2 SOLP tanks of this vessel need to be fully blasted to SA2.5, which was the first time for the shipyard to undertake such a large amount of MARINELINE coating project. Another MR tanker has 5 cargo oil tanks of 3,000 square meters to be fully blasted, and 10 cargo oil tanks partially blasted with applied zinc and phenolic epoxy coating. For the “Green Ship Repair”, the shipyard has used steel shot blasting instead of traditional copper grit blasting, which is the first time in the ship repair industry, and blazed a green and environment friendly way for the COT coating

During the period from March 16th to 17th, the shipyard has operated continuously for VLCC & Panama docks, realizing 4chemical tankers maintenance in two docks at same period. Through the precise planning and close cooperation of various departments and production lines, all the in-dock projects have been steadily carried out as planned. Even under the adverse effects of rainy weather, the coating & anticorrosion production line exerts the spirit of continuous fighting, and applied the hull coating during the weather windows. All in-dock projects were completed as planned and undocking smoothly.

With more intense competition in the ship repair market, and the stakeholders expect more from the shipyard, the shipyard will continue to promote the technical revolution in a green, low-carbon, and environment friendly way of green ship repair, and focus on the improvement of production efficiency. The shipyard will provide better quality and technologically-sense service to the market and create a new business type of mutualism relationship with stakeholders.