Returning Customers witness the growth and innovation of IMC Shipyard


On March 30th , the Panamax Ro-Ro MV. TONSBERG entered into the No. 1 Dry Dock of IMC Shipyard. This vessel was one of the vessels has been carried out UHP Hydro blasting on hull in the early stages of the technology promotion, as also she was the demonstration ship on our conference with the subject “We embrace technical revolution, We embrace blue sky”. After five years, this vessel once again selected IMC Shipyard, which shows the ship owner's recognition and favor of the shipyard's technology of UHP Hydro blasting.


The main items for this vessel’s dd including hull vertical side & flat bottom 100% blasting to WA2.0, , coating, newly installation of BWMS and a large number of electrical & mechanical maintenance. During the dd period, the various workshop sections worked together, and the operation teams made tremendous efforts to complete the 13,000m2 hull blasting within 24 hours. Compared with five years ago, “DOCKWARRIOR” have replaced hand guns, a series of high-efficient equipment such as "DOCK BLUEWHALE" and "DOCKELEPHANT" has made the overall blasting operation more efficient and the quality much better.

In the past five years, our shipyard's UHP equipment and its operating capabilities have made great progress. At present, the rust removal capacity has been increased from 10m2/h to 25 m2 /h for single set. With more mature operating process and more advanced technology, the progress we made fully reflects the our vision as green shipyard. Ship owner spoke highly of the quality of IMC Shipyard  and the superior reliability of UHP water blasting.