Management Theory

We value safety and quality, pursue harmony and profit, and care for customers' concerns.

The scientific combination of marketing idea, marketing strategy and marketing approaches are 

the foundation of innovative marketing management mode.



Establish the operation module of marketing management and production process marketing management.

“Enhance the customers' perception of value-added services and maximize the benefits of interested party.”

 “Create and guide customers' needs, and provide ship repair services beyond their expectations.”

 “Advocate integrating marketing, attach importance to production process marketing, and continue to evolve from

 just focusing on customer relationship to focusing on market relationship.”

“Set up marketing concept of green ship repair in China in the new era, which the concept of marketing is based on

 common values.”

Reform management mode and run new business management mode.

Seize the historical opportunity of the development of ship repair in China, transform the management mode of production and management, and explore the international market image and business model of the new ship maintenance enterprise in the future.

Take the initiative to undertake the enterprise social responsibility in the development, take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of the enterprise in the industry, and try to practice the comprehensive transformation from labor intensive ship repair enterprises to technology oriented green ship repair enterprises.