Ship repair and maintenance

Equipped with comprehensive facilities and skilled workforce, IMC Shipyard offers a comprehensive range of services with leading technologies and equipment to ship repair and maintenance to clients from all over the world.

Dry Docking & Special Surveys

Deck & ER Machinery Overhauls

Major Steel Renewals & Repairs

Blasting & Coating of Hull, Cargo Hold & Tanks

Shaft & Rudder System

Electrical, Automation & Navigation Equipment

Hatch Cover & Outfitting Repairs

Hydro Blasting of Tanks

Special maintenance

Conversion to Helicopter Carrier

The Completion Ceremony of AVATAR's Conversion to Helicopter Carrier was hold on 20 Dec. 2014.

Sea-Damage Repair

                 On 28 Aug. 2012, MV. JADE set sail after IMC Shipyard successfully finished the sea-damage repair. This is a challenge for IMC Shipyard to conduct such tough sea-damage repair project which involves so many different majors on machinery, electrical, and steel renewal works. IMC Shipyard people well planned the project and worked very hard to get through the test successfully, and won praise from both owner side and class surveyors. Currently, the good vessel MV. JADE is back in service again.                    

New Bulbous Bow Conversion Projects

                 A new fuel efficient bulb designed for the most frequent sailing conditions (speeds and draughts) were installed on MV. TAMESIS in 2015 at IMC Shipyard. IMC Shipyard spent 72 hours completing the steel structure project of New Bulbous Bow Conversion Project for MV. TALISMAN.                    

LPG repair

                 Currently, IMC Shipyard has successfully undertaken the repair of five LPG, including VLGC MT MING LONG (EX: SENA JUMBO 224X36X20.7M) and various types of LPG. In particular, the renewal of a large number of cryogenic steel plates have also been achieved on VLGC vessels successfully.                    

IMCZY Put a Perfect End to the Conversion of Shortening Project on MV. CSL RELIANCE

This project marks the successful completion of the conversion of shorten project (shortened 4.25m).

16 Gathered PCTC Entered IMCZY for Repair between August and September

                 From Aug. 2016 to Sep. 2016, IMC Shipyard took in 16 PCTC successively in the aggregate, except for other types of vessels. Furthermore, IMC Shipyard once held 6 PCTC in repair at the same time. Now, all the vessels finished repair adhere to the schedule and leave IMC Shipyard gradually. All of them are from world-renowned ship companies in Asia and Europe and etc.                    

Presentation of New Innovation in Vessel Repair was Held in IMCZY

                 On September 26, 2016, China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry and IMC Shipyard held a presentation themed Embracing Shipyard Environmental Responsibility via New Cutting Edge Green Technology. And around 100 representatives from home and abroad participated in the demonstration on work site. It is the first time applies multiple new cutting edge hydro-blasting equipment and intelligent coating robot on vessel repair, presenting the new era of ship repair in China features in new technology and intelligent production is coming.                    

Remarkable Achievements-New Technique and Equipment Applied in IMCZY Bulbous Bow Conversion

                 In late September, a large-scale PCTC eased away from the dock in IMC Shipyard slowly. The vessel has just finished bulbous bow conversion applying new technique and equipment. First, adopted the laser leveler to mark out outside the dock so as to control the accuracy of the joint cutting plane at±1mm, then applied the semi-auto cutter for cutting with non-allowance. Eventually, employed semi-automatic welding car (first case in China) to finish the job. It ultimately takes 4.5 days to finish the project, which is ahead of schedule for half a day along with higher quality and achieved general consent of ship owners and surveyors.                    

BWTS Installation

One set of Oceanserver system on PCTC MV Hoegh Trove in 2010. One set of Techcross system on cape size bulker MV Shin Sanyo Maru in 2012, Two sets of JFE system on cape size bulker MV Cape Canary in 2014 & MV London Courage in 2015. One set of PANASIA system on chemical tanker MV IVY EXPRESS in 2016. One set of Wartsila system on PCTC MV Boheme in 2016.

Other repair & maintenance projects

                 IMC Shipyard has been focusing on mechanical repair and maintenance projects and achieved certain results.